Posted by: David Cunningham

Brightening up a dark room can be as simple as painting the room a lighter color, but that’s not always the best option as you may have to sacrifice the original colors you wanted and completely redesign the room to match your new wall color. Maybe you’re like me and the idea of painting sounds messy and time consuming. Here are a few easy ways to brighten up a dark room without even touching a paint can:


The first place you should focus on is the lighting. Maximize the amount of natural light in the room by removing any heavy draperies or curtains as well. Window treatments will make a huge impact on the mood and look of the room. Use targeted accent lights to brighten up specific areas of the room while giving you control over maintaining the look and feel you like best.


You may be surprised at how much brighter a room can get by adding more reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass top tables, or decorations and artwork with high gloss finishes. When using mirrors to brighten a room, place the mirror so it’s facing a window or light source to reflect that light throughout the room.


The color of the floor has a massive impact on the overall brightness of a room. To help brighten a dark room, go with light floors. A bright colored rug can help brighten up a room with dark wood or stone floors.