Posted by: Hannah Kroehler

Winter is quickly approaching and with it comes beautiful lights, yummy treats, and festive activities. Unfortunately, it also brings cold, icy weather and dark, dreary days that often keep you locked indoors. A great way to bring some life back to your home and cheer you up during the cold months is to get a few new indoor plants that will live through the season. Below are five of the best indoor plants to get in the winter months:


The Snake Plant is one of the toughest and most reliable house plants on the market. Whatever you throw its way it will survive and thrive through. Make sure you water only the soil with room temperature water once to twice a month to prevent the soil from completely drying out.


The Fiddle Leaf Fig deserves its spot as one of the most popular indoor house plants out there. It will live year-round in your home and can grow to be up to six feet tall! It is typically more dormant in the winter months, so only water it once a month and make sure that your Fiddle Leaf is getting as much sunlight as possible, preferably placing it in front of your brightest window in the house.


Not only is the ZZ plant adorable, but it’s also very low maintenance. This plant is great at surviving cold and low light environments. Place it in a location that will get natural light and occasionally water it to see it grow!


As one of the most durable house plants around, the Philodendron is the perfect addition to your home this winter. The Philodendron can last through lengthy periods of drought, so make sure to not overwater.


The Christmas Cactus represents the holiday season for a reason – it thrives in dark and cold conditions. Keep your Christmas Cactus out of direct sunlight so the leaves don’t burn and keep in cool temperatures, around 50 degrees, to help the colorful and festive blooms last.