Posted by: Jake Wheatley

You’ve gone through all the stress of planning a vacation, what you DON’T need is the worry of someone breaking into your home while your away. It may not be common, but it does happen, people will drive through neighborhoods looking for signs that the owners have been absent. Take some steps to put your mind at ease and make it look like you were never even away.
Your neighbors can be a lifeline for a lot of things, whether it’s keeping an eye on your home or it’s figuring out who’s not picking up after their dog. You’re in a community and you should make friends with the people, ask your neighbors if while your away they would park in your driveway, this will make it look like someone is regularly coming and going, and deter anyone from setting your home as a target.
A dead give away that nobody is home is when mail starts to pile up. Just like you alert your credit card companies before a big trip, you can ask your post office to hold your mail for the dates that you’ll be gone!
It’s hard to believe nobodies home when there are lights on, even harder if the lights change on different days, you can accomplish this easily and affordably with timed outlets. If you really want to be in control of it you can get smart light bulbs that you can control from your phone.