Site logo image ~Kristine M. posted: “Color management company Pantone Color Institute just announced its selection for 2024 Color of the Year and it’s a soft shade of orange dubbed Peach Fuzz. It’s quite a pivot from its choice for 2023, the spicy Viva Magenta, and it also stands in contrast” Living Your Lifestyle & Owning It! Pantone Picks Its 2024 Color Of The Year ~Kristine M. Jan 7 Color management company Pantone Color Institute just announced its selection for 2024 Color of the Year and it’s a soft shade of orange dubbed Peach Fuzz. It’s quite a pivot from its choice for 2023, the spicy Viva Magenta, and it also stands in contrast to the near-consensus of saturated blue hues chosen by many paint brands as their 2024 paint colors of the year. Let’s take a deep dive into Pantone’s surprising selection. Peach Fuzz was chosen by Pantone to represent a renewed focus on calm, nurturing and introspective feelings and spaces that allow for both healing and flourishing. “With this year’s Color of the Year 2024, we see an increased focus on community and people across the world reframing how they want to live and evaluating what is important,” says Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone Color Institute. “The color is one whose warm and welcoming embrace conveys a message of compassion and whose cozy sensibility brings people together and enriches the soul.” It’s worth noting that, unlike the paint manufacturers’ Color of the Year selections, Pantone’s pick influences — and is influenced by — a variety of industries and products, from fashion and cosmetics to graphic, industrial and interior design. Regan Baker Design Inc. Peach Fuzz, like the color shown on the tile in this San Francisco bathroom by Regan Baker Design, strikes me as well suited to interior design, especially at a time when folks seem to be migrating to softer and warmer colors for their homes. Indeed, homeowners seem to be seeking calming, soothing and nurturing spaces to unwind in at the end of the day. Shades of peach feel right at home in traditional-style spaces, such as this elegant Kentucky bedroom by Southern Inspirations by Linda Gale. This space really exemplifies how leaning into peach can bring out a nurturing, homey vibe. Warmer colors are thought to stimulate conversations as well as appetites. The soft peach on the wall in this Dallas transitional-style dining room by S.B. Long Interiors adds a nice wash of color to the space. The color works equally well in more modern or minimalist spaces. In this Chicago bathroom by Turn Key Designs, it adds warmth and personality to an otherwise white bathroom. Personally I tend to prefer cooler colors for bathrooms, but this warm peach space in Madrid by Basamenta has me rethinking my leanings. This Los Angeles bathroom by Rocka Builders is another great example. Warm-hued walls create a pleasing glow that’s flattering to all skin tones, so I can imagine starting the day on the right foot in a Peach Fuzz bathroom. If you’re a fan of this hue, consider bringing it into your home with furniture and furnishings, as Lauren DeBello Interiors did in this Nashville, Tennessee, home. Given Pantone’s influence on design, you’ll be seeing this color in many home decor and other products in the coming year, making it a good time to pick up a chair or two in the hot hue. Another creative way to use this color is with an accent wall design that combines supportive neutrals with a Fuzzy Peach-like hue. The gray and white in this Denver kids’ bedroom by HouseHome give the pretty peach a modern edge. You can also get creative by using a color similar to Peach Fuzz on the ceiling. Warm colors tend to visually advance, so a peach-clad ceiling will give a room a cozy and comforting vibe. For those residing in colder climates, take a look at how much warmth peach tones can inject into a space. If you didn’t see the snow on the trees outside the windows in this Chicago-area sunroom by Elizabeth Drake of Drake Interiors Limited, you might assume this was a home in Florida. Here’s a good color selection tip from the pros: If you’re ever struggling with choosing colors for your kitchen, perhaps take inspiration from your favorite foods. The delectable peach accent color in this U.K. kitchen by Studio Dean creates an inviting and homey feel. Here’s another welcoming peach-infused kitchen. The use of color in this Los Angeles home by Julia Chasman Design delights with a mix of warm versus cool and vibrant versus neutral. Small spaces require extra care to keep them from feeling closed up and cave-like. The small bit of soft peach on just one wall in this New York office by Emergent Form Architecture infuses the space with a warm glow, but it still has an airy and light-filled feeling due to the contrasting white walls and ceiling. Moving outside, here’s an example of a Peach Fuzz-like hue used as an exterior siding color on a Florida home by Glenn Layton Homes. You can see how the color brings the welcoming ambiance that Pantone is touting for the hue. This is also an interesting detour from the white-siding-with-black-trim exterior scheme that has been so trendy the past few years. This New Zealand home by Alpha 1 Builders shows a lower-commitment way to bring a trending color onto your home. Warm colors are welcoming colors, and I like how the warmth of the peach-hued door is amplified by the contrasting cool gray siding color. All of the colors in this palette are whisper-soft, yet combined they are impactful in a visually pleasing way.   Manage your email settings or unsubscribe.