By Tori Jane|Published August 13, 2022

Few things are as pleasing as fresh-made foods like straight-from-the-farm produce, hand-battered fried chicken, and home-made baked goods, and few places in Indiana are worth driving all the way from across the state for these things, but we have managed to find a couple over the years. The one we’re featuring right now has definitely earned its place among the greats if we do say so ourselves. In Arcadia, halfway between Indianapolis and Kokomo, there’s a cute little family-owned mom-and-pop general store that serves up some of the best baked goods in Indiana – but the fry pies are, by far, our favorite. Come check out Wilson Farm Market, but be sure to leave plenty of room in the car – you’re going to want to take everything home with you. Come early and be sure to enjoy the best fry pies in Indiana – if not the whole Midwest!

At first, Wilson Farm Market looks like your average grocery store, but don’t be fooled: you’ll definitely want to step inside.
When we say the baked treats here are good, we mean they are to die for good.